Church Update: February 2021

Dear Family & Friends:

Greetings in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your faithfulness in the ministry.

By God’s grace, I pray to see you in worship this coming Sunday, 2/7/21 at either 7:30/10:45 AM. (Covid safety practices – face masks, social distancing, temperatures taken – in place).

    ⁃    Let’s celebrate out Chiefs in the Super Bowl, by wearing Chiefs gear/jersey to worship. Don’t buy new gear. Wear what you already own.  Go Chiefs!

    ⁃    Pray for a Word from the Master.

    ⁃    Thank you for special gifts for Behind-the-Sanctuary renovation project. We have enough to start the work and will do so in 2 phases. Completion in early Spring. This Sunday, 2/7 will be the end of our fund-raising for the project.

    ⁃    Please share the Lord’s tithe – a tenth of your income.

    ⁃    Contribution option: Tithely or PGBC website or US mail.

    ⁃    Please celebrate the Lord’s Supper observance.

    ⁃    Invite an unsaved or unchurched person to visit with you.

    ⁃    Notify friends/family to watch our livestream – – 10:45AM.

Daily, I pray to God – your strength, health, wisdom, outlook, prosperity, obedience, optimism, family, love for Him, souls, intake of Word, advancement.

20 years here in Christ,

Pastor Collier

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