Pleasant Green Academy of Excellence

This educational undertaking (Pre-K through 6th Grade, 125 students, “college-preparatory” private-school curriculum) will be a cornerstone of the ministry of the PGBC, as we seek to make the community sensitive to its greatest resource: the hearts and minds of the young. We will close the “achievement gap” among minority youth with a rigorous curriculum, multiple academic amenities, small class sizes, uniforms, high expectations, emphasizing Arts, Athletics and Technology.

At PGAE, visitors shall discover the ingredients for an excellent educational experience: sharp administrators; caring, high-quality teachers; engaged parents; books; materials; computers; software; and other resources. We shall endeavor to make learning a fun, challenging, rewarding experience. PGAE administrators, teachers and staff shall work to make a difference for each student!

Owing to the necessity of keeping tuition affordable for parents in our low-income  community, PGAE shall enlist corporate and philanthropic “partners,” for this worthy academic endeavor. Sis. Mamie Keith serves as Coordinator.