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    We are soothed today by the zephyr of divine grace. Our God calls us to serve Him in the earth, with the objective of sharing His mercy with all humanity.
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    COVID-19 UPDATE: Friday, March 27, 2020

    Dear PG Family & Friends: Greetings in the name of our Heavenly Father through His Son Jesus Christ. Aware of the KC metro shutdown due to the global coronavirus, I offer these words. 1. As your pastor, I sincerely care about your life, health and safety. 2. I always want to comply with local, state and national health guidelines. I exhort you to do the same. 3. Tuesday, 3/24/20, I, along with KCK clergy, shared a conference call with Mayor David Alvey, WyCo Health officials, KCK Police Chief and others. Their guidelines were: schools, businesses, theaters, restaurants all closed; advisement to stay-at-home; no gatherings of 10 persons or more; watch those who appear to be sick; wash hands with soap & water. In general, help battle the spread of this global virus. 4. Keen to the importance of Christian worship, city leaders and clergy affirmed the value of websites, live-streaming and social media opportunities. Media personnel to tape messages, Bible studies and virtual worships would, thus, need to be out at the churches, making it possible for others to view it all. 5. They further directed us to the WyCo website for updates, as the virus situation is "fluid," changing everyday or every week. Therefore, please hear my heart. Note the following: 1. We have taped 2 messages for viewing on the PG website - www.pleasantchurch.org. You may visit any Sunday. Or, you may benefit from the PG radio outreach - each Sunday at 8:30 AM on KPRT 1590 AM. 2. By God's grace, we shall meet for our regular 2 Sunday worships (7:30/10:45 AM). We shall sit spaced apart in our sanctuary, without hugging or touching one another. 3. If you are not inclined to share with us live in worship, please stay at home. 4. Please remember to support PG financially- US mail; tithely (website); call church office: (913) 371-5393. We appreciate your help. 5. In these extraordinary times, we must practice our faith, not give in to our fears. 6. Since God has brought us through before, expect Him to do it again! 7. For spiritual encouragement, please read Psalm 90 and Psalm 91. 8. For insight, pray to the Heavenly Father. 9. Remember the sick, aside from those impacted by the coronavirus. 10.Thank you for your prayers, love and support of me as your pastor. Respectfully in Christ, Pastor Collier

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    "As victorious people of faith, exercising Christ-centered fellowship, the Pleasant Green Baptist Church family, through holistic ministries and accommodating facilities, will edify one another, strengthen families, and empower our communities, making a national and global kingdom impact."

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    Sunday Early Worship 7:30am Sunday School 9:30am-10:30am Sunday Mid Day Worship 10:45am Wed. Bible Study 12:00pm-1:00pm Wed. Night Bible Study 7:00pm-8:30pm

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    By God's Grace we are glad to deliver an online live streaming services just for you. Join us by watching live every Sunday

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