Music Ministry

The Word of God teaches the significance of “joyful singing” in worship of God (Psalm 100:2). Thus, we express reverence, praise and love to God through spirited, biblically-sound music and songs. Our Mass Choir (approx. 40-strong), worshipfully arrayed in purple robes, leads worshippers into the “presence” of the Almighty God. They lead us, purposefully, pointedly and passionately, from a repertoire of praise music. Covering diverse ages, gifting from God, and musical tastes, we offer several musical entities:

  1. “Praise Team”
  2. Children (1-12 years)
  3. Youth (13-18)
  4. Mass Choir (19 – Above)
  5. Men’s Choir (godly Men praising God)


Sis. Jessica Basset serves as coordinator