Behind the Sanctuary Renovation

By God’s grace and power, Pastor and First Lady will each contribute $1,000.00 toward the costs, beyond our tithes! Prayerfully and sacrificially, I ask that 125 PG members join us at the $1,000.00 level. Do your best! If we commit this project to the Lord, He promised to supply our needs!

Kickoff Date: Sunday 1/17/2021

Scope of Project: 

  • Install new Roof – tar, pitch the flat roof for better drainage
  • Install new Ceiling
  • Tear out molded Walls in 2 side Rooms
  • Wet Vac the drips and standing water in Large Room
  • Throwaway Debris throughout (old pews, carpet, wood, items, etc.)
  • Enlarge 2 existing Bathrooms – 4 feet deeper)
  • Check/install Bathroom Plumbing
  • Install 2 new Bathroom Urinals for Men; 2-3 Toilets for Women
  • Install Vanity and Mirror for each Bathroom
  • Paint Walls of Large Area in Middle in one color
  • New HVAC System – connect to existing vents   
  • Frame area in Front
  • New locking system on 2 Doors – Entrance/Exit
  • “Whatever” else is necessary!

Behind the Sanctuary Renovation (Full Letter)

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