Pastor’s Response: COCID-19

Dear PG Family & Friends:

PGBC, KCK Coronavirus Policy

Mid-March 2020, America and globally have been adversely impacted by a life-threatening disease, a communicable virus. Scientists inform us that this disease is much worse than the common flu. Up to the moment, in America over 100 persons have died due to contracting coronavirus.   

In quick succession, due to the virus, elderly people have died. New hygienic precautions (wash hands regularly, use hand-sanitizer, avoid sneezing, self-quarantine, social-distancing, etc.) have been instituted. Also, schools, businesses, offices, restaurants, sporting & entertainment venues have closed. Grocery shelves are bare. Thoroughly, these are unprecedented times! A veritable crisis engulfs the land!

Media and official reports of the virus have produced anxiety, questions, frayed nerves, amid fear and panic! There seems nothing but bad news.  

In these times, Christians, if not careful and prayerful, could lose heart. We could give in to fear in the face of facts, without relying upon unfailing faith in God. I choose the latter. 

What, then, should PGBC do?

    1. We are extremely concerned for the health, safety and continued life of all persons in KC metro. People were (and still are) Christ’s ultimate concern.  
    2. Christians must not fear, nor should we ignore common sense, practicality, necessary precautions or official guidelines. 
    3. The best option for the godly involves following God’s Holy Spirit expressed in the Word of God, applied for all circumstances. 
    4. By God’s grace, PGBC, KCK shall remain “open,” operating according to our regular schedule: 2 Sunday Worships at 7:30/10:45 AM and Wednesday Bible Studies at Noon/7 PM.
    5. All PGBC Ministry gatherings shall continue according to the regular weekly schedules.
    6. For sanitary purposes, to prevent spread of contagion, all PG pews, doorknobs, chairs, bathrooms, tables and surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned. Hand-sanitizer will be located throughout our facilities.
    7. During church gatherings, we discourage touching, hugs and other human-to-human contacts.      
    8. Of course, these guidelines are subject to changing conditions and official pronouncements. If PG members deem it advisable, please stay home!
    9. Though we have ample savings and earmarked funds, our operating budget requires that we generate $10K/weekly or $40K/monthly. Among many church obligations, we must variously pay utilities, insurance, media, personnel, building maintenance, outreach and more.  
    10. PG members’ financial support is vital in meeting the above church obligations. PG attendees may either tithe in person; contribute online; send contributions by mail; or call church office to make other arrangements. Every gift will be appreciated!  
    11. Through faith, not fear, we demonstrate maturity in Christ, teaching future generations that our God is a Healer, Provider and Deliverer!
    12. As an independent, historical, well-beloved Christian institution, PGBC does not follow the world’s guidance. Nor do we follow the behavior of other KC congregations. Rather, we adhere to the dictates of God’s Holy Spirit, the Word and our faith. 
    13. Confirmation of these guidelines has been that our “open” church policy this week, amid city-wide “closed” situations, resulted in several families being served food from our PG Pantry. (Hungry families seek out tangible benefits from PG, even as they are told to “shelter-in-place.”) 

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