October 2020 Update: COVID-19

PGBC October’20 Covid Update

Dear Family in Christ:

We rejoice in Jesus Christ.

By God’s grace, we are sustained in His love and protection. Indeed, this pandemic has brought in America alone, over 7 million cases, 210,000 fatalities, economic devastation, closures, fear, cancellations, and more. Yet, faith in God sees beyond the circumstances!

Lowell said it well: “Through the dim unknown, God keeps watch over His own.”

As for our church, with all health procedures (temperatures taken, masks, social distancing, hand sanitizers, etc.), we yet worship in our Sanctuary on Sundays at 7:30/10:45 AM.

The PG website (www.pleasantchurch.org) assists our spiritual connection. There, live-streams of Sunday worship are available, as well as our long-standing radio outreach on KPRT 1580 AM.

Also, we appreciate the faith financial support of the PG family. Support God’s kingdom enterprise as a regular tigger, by in-person; Tithely online; via mail; call church for arraignments. Thank you for kindness.

Further, we pray for PG Bereaved, Sick & Shut-ins and friends, along with tangible needs.

The last 8 months of 2020, due to Covid-19, have challenged our faith response to God. Nothing I’ve ever learned in the university or theological seminary nor read in books nor in consultation with colleagues has prepared me for this volatile leadership dynamic. Yet, I know: nothing takes God by surprise!

Please know that I pray for you daily. I ask the same prayerfulness from you – for me, for my family, for my focus, for my future, and for my faith.

My 20 years of leadership at PGBC  (with countless achievements) have been a tremendous blessing from the Master.

Keep the faith,

Pastor Collier

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