Calling All Ministries

We are in the process of taking pictures of each ministry for the “Sesquicentennial” 150th Church Anniversary souvenir journal. List below are the dates and times for your ministry photo. I’m asking each ministry leader to contact your members and be present on time for your picture. All pictures have to be turned in to the publisher by May 15 so therefore we are unable to change the schedule. Thank you for your cooperation and I look forward to taking your Picture.

-Sis. Lezley King

Sunday April 30, 2017

The Sunday School Department (during general assembly)

Music Ministry (immediately following Sunday School)

Before 10:45 Worship After Sunday School: Greeters, UPM, Good News Club, & Prison Ministry, Ushers for Jesus

Following 10:45: Pastoral Support, Associate Ministers, Culinary Arts, & Evangelism

Saturday May 6, 2017

JEWELS Ministry

Sunday May 7, 2017

Following 7:30 Before Sunday School: IRON Men, Deacons, & Health Care & Couples

Before 10:45 Worship After Sunday School: Stewardship & Finance, Deaconess, Multimedia Ministry, & Book Club

After 10: 45 Worship: Pastors Assistant & Pastor Armor-Bearer, Youth Ministry, Junior Ushers & God’s Girls Mentoring, College/University Ministry and Selah & all Dance Ministries

Sunday May 14, 2017   

Following 7:30 Before Sunday School: BIRTH MONTHS: January-June

Before 10:45 Worship After Sunday School: BIRTH MONTHS: July-December

After 10:45 Worship: PGBC Staff & Eternal Fine Arts Ministry

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